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Services of HQ are dedicated to startups at different stages. You leverage our Expertise, Approach and CoBuild Ecosystem to mitigate the risks and build better products with our team.

Startup Specific Services!

01End-to-end Product Support
We build experiences while building a product for you. We make sure to fulfill most of your product requests, even the smallest ones.
02Quick POC and MVP
Timing is crucial when working around a new product concept. Our team gets you there within a couple of weeks.
03Build Better, Faster
As an early stage startup, you need to build, scale and move faster. We help you achieve this with better tech, team and planning.
04Your Team and Our Team
Our digital work space is shared with you so you can interact, learn, improve and get familiar with our product development practices.
05Flexibility with Scope Iterations
We allow such flexibility so you can iterate your product and its features without any hassle.
06Pay in Cash & Equity
Your cash challenges are covered with the Cash & Equity model. You have the option to pay partial in cash and partial in equity.

Things we are doing differently

We strive to bring a fresh perspective to your idea, features and modules so you can wow your customers with something new in the market.
Research Backed Recommendations
Whether it's tech, design, or third party apis, our recommendations are based on research and our past experiences.
Risk Mitigation
Our product experiences help you mitigate the risks early at the initial stage of product development. Our team suggests the possibilities which are ideal from the business perspective.
Pre and Post Product Support
While in discussion, relevant insights around your product are shared to help you make the right decision. Also, once the product gets shipped, a few weeks or free support is extended to help you keep running.


Q. How much time does a POC and an MVP require?

Taking our experiences into consideration, a POC usually takes 4weeks of time while an MVP requires 10 weeks of timeline.

Q. What does our pricing look like?

We follow a dynamic pricing structure and it keeps changing from time to time. Typically our pricing falls in between $25 to $45 per hour.

Q. What kind of project do we do at HQ?

We are specialised in Fintech, Healthcare, Social & Community Applications and cutting edge technologies such as IoT, BLE, AI, ML, Blockchain, NFT projects. Over 90% of our projects are built from scratch.

Q. What all geographies have we built products for?

Over 80% of our projects belong to the US. We have experience building products for countries such as the UK, Australia,India, European as well as African countries.

Q. What are the essentials while building an app?

While building an app for ios, android, or both, we also need to build a) Backend b) Web admin portal c) Integrate 3rd party APIs d) DevOps and Security e) Compliances, if any

Q. What technologies do we prefer for custom web applications?

Node and Python are the most preferred ones for Backend Development while React, Angular, HTML/CSS are preferred for Frontend Development.

Q. What technologies do we prefer for custom mobile applications?

For Native iOS, we use Swift/Objective-C and for Native Android we use Java/Kotlin. Technologies such as React Native and Flutter are used for Hybrid Mobile Applications.

Q. Cloud services - which one do we prefer?

AWS is the most preferred one. Google GCP and Microsoft Azure are also used taking clients preference into consideration.

Q. What tools do we use for UX, UI and Graphic designing?

Figma, Miro, Principle, Adobe Suite are preferred by our creative team.

Q. How long our engagements typically last?

Most of our project engagements last from 6 months to 1 year. However, we have engagements with minimum commitment of over 2 years as well.

Q. How much equity do we charge under the Cash & Equity Model?

Equity payments depend on the type of engagement we are going to have. Some of the engagements are in percentage while some of the engagements are in number of shares.

Q. What all time zones do we cover with our services?

Most of us work as per the Eastern time zone (EST). However, business communications are available round the clock.

Exclusive Support for Early Stage Startups

Product Planning and Specifications

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