Think of us as an

Extension of your team

We let our team work alongside yours to create a better ecosystem for product development. We collaborate with companies across different product stages and offer flexible modes of engagement.
Product Strategy, Product Expertise
Dedicated Product & Engineering Team
On-demand UX, Tech, Design Support
Access to Combined Expertise
Build Better, Faster
Mitigate Product Failure Risks
Support as and when required
HQ Partners
Product Owners, Domain Experts
Know How, Unique Insights
On-demand Expert Support

Leverage Expertise

of Our Strong

Partner Ecosystem


Our team embeds along side yours to study & conduct research, define the strategic vision, create design language systems to ensure all scenarios are tested before working on product development.
  • Study & Research
  • Product & Market Analysis
  • Prototype & Validation
  • Tech Recommendations


We design a Product roadmap with milestones, KPIs and setup a dedicated team as per the planned sprints.
  • Product Roadmap
  • Design Sprint Planning
  • Tech Sprint Planning
  • Dedicated Team Allocation


Our team works closely with your team to get the desired product output and uickly implement all the changes.
  • UX, UI and Design Testing
  • Product Architecture Setup
  • Product Development, Integrations
  • Product Testing and Launch


We do a re-analysis of the product and optimize its performance to make it superfast. Our team also does exploration for Product 2.0.
  • Product Re-Analysis
  • Optimize Product Performance
  • Dedicated Fix Support
  • Product 2.0 Exploration
Study and Research
We map out the product/project challenges and create a shared understanding of the product.
Generate a broad range of ideas, narrow them down and determine what to prototype.
UI Design
Start creating a Design Language System and bring products to life.
Build what's needed to validate in a very short time frame.
Test with the right set of users to get valuable feedback and validate hypotheses.

Transform with HQ

Leverage our Expertise, Approach and Partner Ecosystem to quickly Transform Your Business & Product.