Transform Your

Product Exponentially,

in Weeks, not Years

Building a product is a never ending process and transformation is the need of the hour. Our team is capable of building and transforming simple as well as highly complex digital products.

Product Building at HQ

HQ is all about building great products. We keep pushing out limits and try to come up with new concepts every time. We also take inspiration from some of the great product teams out there in the market and keep improving ourselves. For us, Product building is a continuous learning and continuous improvement process.


Building user-centric design is crucial for the success of the product. Our team puts lots of emphasis on problem simplification, product ideation, prototyping, testing and making UI elements pixel perfect.

Mobile Applications

We recommend and build what’s best for your business. Our expertise lies in Native as well as Hybrid Applications. If you have an idea for a new app or have an existing app to transform, our team can help you take it to the next level.

Web Applications

Scalability of a product is highly dependent on its code structure. Our team recommends you the right set of technology, sets up a scalable product architecture and puts highly skilled engineers for the development of the frontend, backend and the APIs of the product.

SaaS Applications

SaaS products are in high demand, especially post Covid19. Everyone is looking for innovative solutions which can make remote work more sustainable. We can offer you a dedicated SaaS team for your product development or help you transform your existing SaaS product.

Emerging Technologies

Technologies are changing, and so our Products. We have a dedicated team for Emerging technologies to help you build innovative solutions in areas such as IoT, AI/ML, Voice & Chat, Blockchain and many more.

Retail and E-commerce

We have witnessed a lot of innovative products in Retail and E-commerce in the past few years. If you want to transform your retail business, make an online presence or have a new product in mind, our team would love to help by building and customizing solutions for your business.

On Demand Services

On-demand services are on rise across geographies. Whether you are building a cab based solution, a product to hire local services, or an app around gig economy, our team can help you build the right product for your customers.


Acceptance of EdTech products are on the rise. Both students and institutions are looking for innovative solutions to bring a change in the educational landscape. We offer the right set of expertise to help build highly scalable edtech solutions.


Despite having lots of innovative products in healthcare, a lot is needed to be done. Our team is fully committed to help build innovative technologies related to healthcare, mental care, tele-health and more.

Fintech and More

With huge adoption in digital banking and wallet related transactional services, Fintech products have come a long way. Team HQ has expertise in building a wide range of Wallet, Mortgage, Insurance and related Fintech solutions.
We are also committed to build innovative products in areas such as Agritech, Foodtech, Proptech, Logistics and other business domains.

Access to HQ’s Hybrid, Remote, far reaching ecosystem

The future is remote, and so we are. Our team comprises Product Managers, Researchers, Designers, Engineers, Industry Experts and Advisors. Some of us have a full-time role to play, while others are freelancing and supporting as and when required. Overall, we have a strong partner ecosystem to support every aspect of your product requirements.

Access to HQ’s Hybrid, Remote, far reaching ecosystem

Innovate with HQ

Leverage our Expertise, Approach and Partner Ecosystem to build Highly Innovative Products.