Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions our partners/clients usually ask. You can take a look quickly for spotting answers to general queries:

Do I have to hire a team of engineers for my project?

Yes, you must hire a team of qualified engineers to turn your product vision into reality and launch your product smoothly.

Am I privileged to get post-product launch support?

Yes, we offer all our product partners extended support post-product launch to ensure everything is on the right track.

What technologies do you use for custom applications?

It depends on the type of applications our engineers are working on! For instance, we use Swift/Objective-C for native iOS, and for Native Android, we use Java/Kotlin. For Hybrid Mobile Applications, we use React Native and Flutter. We use Node and Python at the Backend for web applications, while React, Angular, and HTML/CSS are preferred for Frontend Development.

Is there a confidentiality clause on intellectual property?

Yes, of course, at HQ, we maintain strict confidentiality on our clients' intellectual properties. Before entering any product partnership and initiating the development process, we prioritize such clauses.

Do you help with promotion and marketing services?

We are a team of engineers who work specifically on product development, so on a honest note, we do not entertain any marketing services.

How long does the product development process take?

Depending on the complexity of the product and client expectations, the product development process could last up to a few weeks or a year. You may schedule a call with our experts for a complete clarification on timelines.

Will you claim ownership of the product idea?

Nope, not all! We offer our clients complete ownership of product ideas, codes, documents, and products.

What niches have you worked on to date?

We have worked on various niches, but some of our specialization areas lie in Fintech, Healthcare, Social & Community Applications, and cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, BLE, AI, ML, Blockchain, and NFT projects.

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