How Do We Design Differently?

Our expert designers at HQ put 70% of their efforts into UX whereas the remaining efforts are spent on figuring out unique interaction ways to enhance the look and feel of the product.

User Research

Phase l

Research is the core of our design process and that's why we try our best to understand your needs and identify them. We use small chunks of information as a stepping stone before crafting our final designs.

UX Design

Phase ll

To determine how a user would feel when he navigates an application, we use brainstorming and mind mapping as our pillars for creating a user flow that could form the basis of creating high and low-fidelity wireframes.

UI Design

Phase lll

Enhancing the user experience is an all-time priority for us. By considering every nook and corner of the brand guidelines, we strike a balance between UI testing and graphic elements to build an intuitive prototype.