Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions our partners/clients usually ask. You can take a look quickly for spotting answers to general queries:

What are some of the design services you offer?

We offer our clients UX Design, UI Design, User Research, User Testing, Prototyping, and Design Review.

What are your minimum charges for UI/UX design services?

Our design charges vary from project to project. We consider various factors before evaluating an overall cost. You may get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Do you allow design iteration?

Yes, we allow all our clients the privilege of leveraging the product design based on their expectations. If you do not like our design idea, our designers will gladly bring out an alternative design approach.

Do you design custom web and mobile applications?

Yes, of course! We specialize in providing our clients with top-end web- or mobile-based application designs.

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