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Leading UI/UX Design Agency

We help early-age startups overcome their business challenges through our impeccable and intuitive UI/UX design solutions. Our unique and innovative designs can help you achieve your business milestones and conquer your target audiences.


"Creative Design Is Our Forte"

We are counted as one of the top-notch UI/UX design agencies. Our diligent team of designers at Hie HQ have complete expertise in providing high-end UI/UX design services that promise all audiences the best user experience while interacting with applications.

Our Design Services


Our team of graphic designers, UI designers, motion graphic designers and 3D artists strongly believe in tackling every design challenge with an out-of-the-box approach.

Every member of our design team follows some of the most unique and best design practices to create an outstanding and attractive digital design that meets the audience's standards.

Experience Design

Experience Design
Experience Design

Product Development

Product Transformation

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Experience Design

Product Support


Our Innovative Designers

Every designer working with us has a distinctive perspective on designing a product. The ultimate goal of our design troop is to identify the pain points of the end users while interacting with an application and to find a way to cover those loopholes by using design as a solution.

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Well, take a look below:

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Our Designs Reflect Our Tailored Approach To Meet Your Expectations

We believe in providing a fresh approach to every project through our design. Your business is not just a project for us but a time investment. We try multiple approaches to meeting the design requirement to make your time investment valuable and productive. Our ultimate goal is to help you fulfill your business motives through our customized UX designs.

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Thinking Of Hiring Top UI/UX Designers?

Well, then, it's high time we start discussing how we can transform your product vision into reality.

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How Do We Design Differently?

Our expert designers at HQ put 70% of their efforts into UX whereas the remaining efforts are spent on figuring out unique interaction ways to enhance the look and feel of the product.

User Research

Phase l

Research is the core of our design process and that's why we try our best to understand your needs and identify them. We use small chunks of information as a stepping stone before crafting our final designs.

UX Design

Phase ll

To determine how a user would feel when he navigates an application, we use brainstorming and mind mapping as our pillars for creating a user flow that could form the basis of creating high and low-fidelity wireframes.

UI Design

Phase lll

Enhancing the user experience is an all-time priority for us. By considering every nook and corner of the brand guidelines, we strike a balance between UI testing and graphic elements to build an intuitive prototype.

Start Working With Our Expert UI/UX Designers Today

Wondering how to hire a team of expert UI/UX designers for your next project?

HQ is right here to help you!

Be it designing a mobile application or a web application, our designers are committed to meeting your expectations and crafting your product in the best possible way.

Hourly Engagement

When you have a clear idea of your product design requirements, our team can provide you with a cost estimate and an approximate timeline. Monthly or bimonthly payments are available, depending on your budget.

Staff Augmentation

In every project, we provide you with the right design expertise in the market to work with your in-house team and provide extended support.

Cash and Equity Model

As we know that early-stage startups face cash challenges, we strive to provide them with exclusive support. That's why we offer you an opportunity to pay partially in cash and equity.


Design Tools We Rely On

Take a look at the list of our design tool stack that helps us draw innumerable inspirations and design impeccably.

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Why Choose Us?

We have secured our position among some of the top and reputable IT companies due to our commendable and distinctive UI/UX design solutions. We aim to fulfill every single product request of yours in the best possible way within a limited timeframe and budget.

Still can't believe it? Well scroll below to know why you can rely on us as your product partners:


Co-Building Ecosystem

We believe in building a product together from scratch and that's why we allow you to leverage your product progress and mitigate all your risks while we are on your side.


Innovative Approach

We believe in providing you with high-end and scalable product designs that will fall in the same line of meeting your business perspectives.


Result Driven

Your engagement is valuable to us, and that's why we leave no stone unturned in allocating resources and expertise to help you witness project success.


Product Support

Even if the product is shipped, we promise to provide you with exclusive support and resolve any product-related problems and queries.



“You think of it, we design it”

Now you don't have to think twice before pitching your product idea and waiting for it to become a reality. Our team can help you revolutionize your business with some of the amazing design ideologies.

Client's Words About Our Work

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I've had the pleasure of working with Hie HQ to develop and design a mobile application. They have a great, knowledgeable, and effective team that works hard to communicate the progress being done on the app. Hie HQ team is very reliable and easy to work with. They have excellent product development managers, and do a great job of keeping in mind all the stakeholders' values involved in a project.

Alex Saddler, Co-Founder, FanClub LLC


Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions our partners/clients usually ask. You can take a look quickly for spotting answers to general queries:

What are some of the design services you offer?

We offer our clients UX Design, UI Design, User Research, User Testing, Prototyping, and Design Review.

What are your minimum charges for UI/UX design services?

Our design charges vary from project to project. We consider various factors before evaluating an overall cost. You may get in touch with our experts to learn more.

Do you allow design iteration?

Yes, we allow all our clients the privilege of leveraging the product design based on their expectations. If you do not like our design idea, our designers will gladly bring out an alternative design approach.

Do you design custom web and mobile applications?

Yes, of course! We specialize in providing our clients with top-end web- or mobile-based application designs.

Still Confused?

Ready To Kickstart Your Next Project?

No matter how complex your project is or how high your design expectations are, we are all set to brainstorm and work together to identify loopholes and offer you the best design-related solutions.

Leverage Our Design Expertise And Approach To Build Better Products

As an innovative UI/UX design agency, our team focuses on building creative, technical, and strategic designs. Our primary focus lies in designing cohesive products that offer a smooth and interactive UI to ensure users witness minimal visual distraction. In a nutshell, we ensure that our digital products are not just functional but also user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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