Now investing in digital gold is easier. Be a part of the digital gold ecosystem and exchange your gold fraction with genuine gold partners worldwide.

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About the Product

what is safegold?

Safegold is India's leading product in the digital gold space. It's a digital platform that allows its customer to invest and exchange gold through its app and partner networks with the tap of a button.


Major Challenges

  • Redesigning web app from scratch considering millions of users on its problem
  • Implementing futuristic design with easy to use navigation for users and partner vendors.

The application has been designed and developed in a way that helps its users to invest and exchange in gold digitally. It also provides a portal for partnering networks. This platform provides its customers 100% security when it comes to privacy.


Plan of action

where purchasing gold is easier

For UX design, we started with brainstorming and mind mapping techniques & for UI design keeping in mind the brand guidelines provided a unique digital experience. We built a prototype based on all the aesthetic design of all visual elements.

plan of action the product compd
  1. User Research
  2. Market Research
  3. Mind Mapping
UX Design
  1. Task flow
  2. User flow
  3. Wireframing
UI Design
  1. Design System
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Visual Design
  4. Prototyping

Information architecture

user flow map

plan of action the product compd

Art direction

colour schema compd


  • Onboarded over 14 million users on its platform
  • Processes millions of transactions every year
  • Over $5mn funding
  • One of the top digital gold platform in India
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