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Pay, send, save and borrow easily with Moja wallet. Empower your finances using Moja cards and enjoy the benefits of a fully loaded digital banking service.


Manage Your Money Easily
Moja is a Wallet and Banking App for African Citizens. As part of its services, it offers digital wallets linked with Moja cards to its 3 different sets of users - Consumers, Businesses and Agents.
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Major Challenge/Problems encountered -

  • Designing a modern easy-to-use banking & wallet application considering different set of product users such as customers, merchants, and agents.
  • Integrating several banking APIs while ensuring the security and compliance requirements.
People in Africa face problems when it comes to accomplishing or managing their financial transactions.
We designed and created this app with an intention to help users and consumers to connect all their existing Mobile wallet accounts to a single Wallet.
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Where monetary transactions are simpler
For UX design, we started with brainstorming and mind mapping techniques & for UI design keeping in mind the brand guidelines provided a unique digital experience. We built a prototype based on all the aesthetic design of all visual elements.
12 weeks
20 weeks
12 weeks
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Phase 1
  • UX, UI
  • Graphics Design
Phase 2
  • Web App, Backend, Admin Panel Development
Phase 3
  • QA, Security & Compliances
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  • Seed Funded